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We are committed to helping people start amazing home-based franchise businesses

Our Mission

We believe franchise ownership is the best way for you to participate in the economy at your full market value. When you have a job, you abdicate what happens to you to someone else and you become trapped in someone else’s plan. We believe in helping people start and grow amazing low-cost franchises that give you the flexibility to achieve your dreams.

We believe in home service franchises as the ideal type of business to invest in – they are affordable, easy to launch and have amazing markets you can grow. If you’ve ever wanted to own your own business, now is the right time!

We currently franchise four unique, niche service brands. With as little as $20,000, you can get started in just about any of them:


Our Goals

We think there’s a problem in the franchise industry when the average franchise opportunity is priced too high and is too far out of reach for the vast majority of potential franchise owners. Anyone should be able to start a business. For someone who hasn’t been a business owner, there needs to be an entry-level business to start and grow. Our main goal is to bring an entirely new generation of franchise owners into franchising affordably and grow the size of the franchise industry as a result.

Over 25 million people are considering opening a business at any time and one of our niche service franchises is the most cost effective way to get started. Our businesses are good for retirees, family-run businesses, young entrepreneurs, tradespeople looking to move up and just about anyone who wants more control over their future.

Most importantly, we offer professional development. We won’t stop at teaching you how to run the business you buy; we want you to grow into a true multi-unit franchise owner who possesses substantial business acumen. Want to own 100 locations? Start your journey with us – we have decades of experience teaching people how to accomplish this in their lives.

Thomas Scott – Founder and CEO

Home Run Franchises thomas COO

Thomas has been in franchising for more than two decades. He started out as a multi-unit franchisee then became a franchisor, growing Showhomes Home Staging to 100 locations in the early 2000s. He then started Brand Journalists, a franchise development agency that has helped over 380 franchise systems and over 12,000 people to become franchise owners. He has been a multi-unit operator with top sales in each system in three different franchise brands. Thomas uses his experience as a marketer and franchise operations professional to grow successful franchise systems that are focused on franchisee profitability and strong, positive franchise relationships.


To read more about Thomas’ ideas about franchise ownership, read this recent article on his reasons to purchase a franchise:


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