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From ceiling fans to boob lights, handyman electrical work is an untapped segment of the $5 billion handyman industry

Every house built before 2022 is full of embarrassing, outdated lighting fixtures. Whether it’s a ceiling fan from 1991 or a an outdated boob light, homeowners who are desperate to replace their fixtures often struggle to find handymen companies or electricians willing to take on the work.

That ends now. Lighting Squad is brightening up the $5 billion handyman industry by specializing in nuisance electrical work that the rest of the industry won’t touch. With low startup costs, exceptional training and support, and unlimited scalability, The Lighting Squad is your chance to own a home-based business that is designed for long-term growth.

We realized that there is an unmet category of service business that every single homeowner needs: nuisance electrical work. There is an entire category of DYI or handyman work that is beneath what you would hire a traditional electrician to do and more complex than what most homeowners want to tackle. Talk to the average homeowner and you’ll see that they have a wish list of small, annoying projects that don’t have time to do, can’t find someone to help or simply don’t know who to call. That’s where we come in!

Our franchisees deliver fast, professional response to calls and help homeowners go through their list. Have a ceiling fan in a 20′ entryway you are desperate to change? We got you! Have outdated, cheap-looking boob lights you can’t stand? We’ll swap them out. Need help with your RING camera or hanging a TV? We do that and a whole lot more. Nuisance electrical is an untapped space full of potentially lucrative jobs for the right entrepreneur. If you enjoy this type of work, consider opening a Lighting Squad franchise in your community – it is a low investment, scaleable and low-overhead business that delivers results!

What Services Do We Provide?

We solve some really annoying problems homeowners run into and that are often hard to hire help to solve:

  • Hang ceiling fans
  • Replace light fixtures
  • Install ring doorbell systems
  • Install dimmer switches
  • Hang TVS
  • Install sound systems
  • Install low-voltage outdoor lights
  • LED lighting systems
  • Hang high fixtures – we can easily get to 25′
  • Clean chandeliers
  • LED light conversions
  • Boob light replacement
  • Hang pictures with laser levels
  • And much more!

Do I Qualify to Become a Lighting Squad Franchise Owner?

We invite anyone with a hunger to become an entrepreneur to start a conversation with us. Unlike most franchise companies, we exist to help people build amazing businesses!

That said, this is an especially good business for any homeowner who enjoys and is comfortable with installing basic light fixtures, journeymen or apprentice electrical workers, handymen, young or entry level entrepreneurs looking to build an empire or anyone who has ever run a home service business or franchise.

You don’t need construction or electrical experience – we teach the full workflow and in most areas, no electrical license is needed although we are bonded and insured. We leave the actual electrical work to electricians – there is a ton of this work in every market!

You can hire contracted installers and you can even hire experienced electricians if you goal is to be a business manager or this can be a very rewarding business for a family, couple or individual person to run. It is flexible and easy to scale! With no office or warehouse space needed and few, if any, employees, you can operate at very low cost, making the business potentially higher margin than other service businesses.

How Do I Get Customers?

This is perhaps the best reason to open a Lighting Squad franchise!

Our founder, Thomas Scott, has decades of franchise and franchise marketing experience. He’s helped grow over 380 franchise systems and helped over 12,000 people purchase franchises. He believes that there has been a significant shift in customer behavior when it comes to home service and he designed the entire Lighting Squad system to take advantage of this shift. In today’s market, people seek out experts for specific problems – such as a closet designer or pantry designer – and they expect an immediate, human response.

If you’ve ever tried to get a quote from a service company and it has taken days to get a response or if you’ve had the frustrating experience of getting caught in someone’s phone answering system and never getting to a real person, you know what I mean. We believe in giving customers immediate access to a real, knowledgeable person! We leverage messenger and Instant texting to connect with customers, answer questions and earn quotes.

When you reach out to us, we reply within 5 minutes. This highly personal and immediate service wins us a large share of local business – we are simply organized and are using the best technology to give our customer what we all know they want! All of our marketing systems are designed to generate leads that work like this – as many as 8-10 a day in some markets – for an affordable ongoing cost.

If you research franchise ownership, you’ll see the average franchise costs over $250,000 to start. We think this is simply too much and that a hungry entrepreneur looking to better themselves through business ownership should  be able to start with far less capital. In fact, we care more about your fit and drive for the business than we do about your financial qualifications. You do have to have enough to launch your business but we want to make the process easy and affordable! Our investment starts at $59,000 and if needed, we can make payment arrangements of a portion of the franchise fee. We offer incentives for young entrepreneurs and give generous discounts to veterans. We are passionate about creating opportunity for people who might not otherwise have a chance!


How Much Does This Cost to Start?

Here’s the initial cost breakdown for a single or double franchise from our Franchise Disclosure Document:




Type of Expenditure Amount Method of Payment  

When Due

To Whom Payment is Made
Initial Franchise Fee1


$35,000 – $70,000 Lump Sum At the Signing of the Franchise Agreement Franchisor
Your Training


$500 – $2,000 As Arranged As Incurred Third parties for travel and lodging
Equipment and Tools3 $1,500 As supplier/ vendor requires As incurred Suppliers/ vendors
Service Vehicle4 $ As Arranged As Arranged For vehicles – paid to supplier
Initial Inventory5 $500 As Arranged As Arranged Third-party suppliers
Business Licenses and Permits6 $500 – $1,500 As Arranged As Incurred Third-party entities
Computer Systems software set up7 $150 – $500 As Arranged As Arranged Third-party suppliers
Professional Fees9 $500 – $1,500 As Arranged As Incurred Third-party legal and accounting firms
Start Up Marketing Fee 10 $5,000 As Arranged Franchisor
Insurance11 $500 – $3,000 As Arranged As Arranged Third-party suppliers
Operating Expenses / Additional Funds – 3 months12 $8,000 – $10,000 As Arranged As Arranged Cash reserves in franchisee’s banking account to pay ongoing payroll, suppliers, and vendors.
TOTAL   $53,150 – $100,500


Don’t be put off by these numbers! Everyone has a different path to funding a business and if you don’t have this amount, still reach out to us – we have a variety of options for most entrepreneurs that will make business ownership more obtainable than you think!

Ready to learn more?

Fill out the form on this page, message us on Facebook messenger, also on this page or email our founder Thomas Scott at – You can also text us at 615-483-4923.


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